Mari kita ripiuw, iseng aja njir sambil nunggu matkul.

Rich Brian — Sydney

Awal MV-nya ada suara kayak kicauan burung kecil yang seperti kehausan dan kurang tenaga, mengingatkan kita akan kelestarian alam. Awal MV aja udah mengandung nilai moral.

Kira-kira di menit 0:12, mas Brian keluar dari balkon mengenakan baju tidur, piyama (?, Af1…

The bukber was held on 4 May 2021. The purpose of this text is to analysis and identify the human behaviour among us. I thought it was interested because our behavioral was made by habit, culture, social condition, lifestyle, and frienship.

By the way, bukber is a term to “buka…

Haha, happiness come from a simple thing. Like, when your birthday, there is someone who give you a greeting, even though the greeting was so simple. Maybe, greeting from WhatsApp isn’t my “Jalan Ninja”. But thank God I got greetings from my moots.

I just have 3 greetings biwasilah WA

from bitj Hafizhah, on BITCHIESSS group

Today, April 7th is my birthday. But…

270,20 juta jiwa manusia Indonesia, apakah kalian gak pengen mengucapkan selamat ulang tahun padaku, although just sending chat “hbd” to me? Damn, I feel like unlovable person in this world, oh maybe in this universe.

I don’t know what word and reaction for this, but jancok, dude.

I have older cousin that younger than me, her name is Ami. But we called her as Jum or Gimo because she like someone who “meresahkan” with words “banget parah valid no debat”. And as a human being, I don’t like her.

Gimo adalah suatu momok yang meresahkan. Nama aslinya…

Halu is a term for someone who fantasize about a situation that probably impossible. To me, become a celeb, influencer, or actor is impossible without the mercy from God. We know that the world is full of craziness, the example is someone who ask my grade point in semester 1…

Woorldd, please help me. Could you?

I’m not rich, I’m not good-looking. And umm, I’m not smart enough.

If I rich, I’ll invest, learn business from my parent, or just chill out and enjoying my whole life.

If I am a good-looking person, I’ll be model, influencer, selebgram, actor, or…

K-Drama is a one of the hallyu products. And when I watch “Start-Up” episode 1, I feel so touched. I’m crying :’

Poster Drama Korea “Start-Up”

Saya menulis ini dengan mendengarkan lagu berjudul “Running” dari Gaho. Idk why, but this song give me a lot of productive and positive vibes. Apakah informasi ini penting…

Muhammad Syauqi Al Banna

tau deh,

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